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In this technology pervasive environment, the attainment of higher education is becoming a much sought after goal of the youth of the nation. I am positive that for the academic and research pursuits, College of Advanced Scientific Techniques (CAST) Sahiwal is the most preferred destination for the best students. Our motto is: “Selecting the Right Level of Study”.

Since its establishment in 1996, the CAST has always been at the forefront of innovations and has played an active part in shaping the modern day higher education. It has approximately 2000 full time students studying a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. By offering a broad range of disciplines CAST encompasses the issues that are of real interest to professionals, prospective employers and to you as students. Our institution has more than 50 academic and active staff members.

The expertise is reflected in our teaching and has made this institution a credible center of excellence both in quality teaching and research. CAST is one of the largest and fastest growing institutions in the region. Our commitment is to the advancement of knowledge and our remarkable achievements in studies are evidence of our success. This success has led to the increasing number of students joining the CAST every year. The students of CAST are not only conductive to their educational pursuits but they are made aware of the trends prevalent in the market.

If you choose CAST for your study, you will be joining one of the most forward looking institute. We are committed to our distinguished reputation as an out class seat of learning for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Your right choice will place you in good stead for the acquisition of advanced knowledge and your job prospects after studying at CAST would second to none.

With Best Wishes

Prof. (R) Asif Tanweer Ch.

Chairman CAST


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